I’m making websites!

As the exclamation point indicates, I’m excited to announce this: I’m now making websites again!

A bit over two years ago, I left self-employment as an all-around tech services provider and joined my alma mater, Earlham College. That was a good move. I have built my skills across the board, and having this job has kept my career steady through e.g. COVID.

However, I’ve missed some of the work from those days, as well as the independence. I don’t like having only one income source in a time of high economic unpredictability. I also want to continue expanding my skillset, growing my portfolio, and controlling the course of my own career.

For all these reasons, I’m accepting new projects effective now. You can click here to seen plans and examples or reach out (cearley@craigearley.com) hire me to make a website for you.

My particular passions are making websites for individuals and small businesses (including online stores). Most likely if you’re at a larger scale than that, you have in-house web and sysadmin teams anyway. 🙂 If what I offer is right for you, please reach out. I look forward to hearing from you.