I’m a Linux high-performance computing sysadmin, software developer, and team leader with the official title of Post-Baccalaureate faculty member in the Earlham College Computer Science Department.

I do most of my coding through Earlham CS’s GitLab instance, but I also have some code at my public GitHub profile.

I write at my blog.

Some details:

  • Location: Richmond, Indiana; previously Pennsylvania, Montana, Wyoming
  • Education: Earlham College ’16 – BA, Computer Science
  • Employment: Post-Baccalaureate Faculty Member @ Earlham CS; previously a Self-Employed IT Professional @ Earley Tech Solutions. See my resume for more.
  • Bibliography: Blog, CS Department documentation, older writing
  • Disclaimers: All opinions mine. More disclaimers are here.

Contact through this page.