I don’t have many site policies. They’ll all go here unless any turn out to be long enough to require their own pages.


I work at the University of Colorado Boulder (as of September 13, 2021). What I write here, on Twitter, or anywhere else is my opinion alone and does NOT represent the university, the office, my team, or anyone else I’ve worked for/with unless explicitly marked as such. See Policy 1.D here for CU Boulder’s policy on the free speech of its staff and the FAQ here for its more general outline of its principles.

CU Boulder is a public university, so I also adhere to these rules guiding public employee ethics. In particular, if I ever say I like a particular product, service, or company, I am speaking in my personal capacity and that statement is NOT endorsed by or representative of the views of university, the office, or my team.

See Section L here for my former employer Earlham College’s policy on faculty academic freedom in and out of a classroom.

My only investments are index funds.


I continually reevaluate allowing comments. I have because few people comment on websites anymore and mine have been largely positive. In any case where comments are open, I will not tolerate any of the following under any circumstances:

  1. spam
  2. scam links
  3. trolling
  4. racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, or related sentiment
  5. graphic or explicit imagery

Otherwise all I ask is to keep it clean-ish.


The privacy policy is here. This is a personal website so I don’t collect much and have no interest in selling the data.