Hi – I’m Craig!

Hi! I’m a Linux HPC cluster engineer, CS educator, and Iceland field research co-leader at Earlham College (Richmond, IN; class of ’16). I engineer computer systems, build software, collaborate with smart people, and provide mentorship.

Current title: Computational Systems Manager at Earlham College Computer Science

What I do

Here’s what I spend most of my time working on:

  • Engineer Linux systems including Beowulf-scale HPC clusters and educational services
    • Hardware: commodity servers, GPGPU’s
    • Operating systems: Debian, CentOS
    • Software: Slurm, Docker, Jupyterhub, GitLab, Python
  • Mentor computer science students who do a huge amount of the work administering those Linux systems, as well as students beginning the CS major who are learning the basic tools
  • Contribute to local software written in C, Python, Java, and Bash
  • Icelandic field research co-leader: Faculty co-leader of the June 2021 Iceland program. Using UAV’s and image assembly software to empowering scientists to detect underground features. Funded in part by National Geographic!
  • Field Day: Android application to interface with Arduino sensor platforms
  • DNA analysis using open-source scientific computing packages
  • Strategic planning for Computer Science at Earlham – for example, preparing for a new academic approach for the COVID-19 era
  • Formerly, a self-employed IT consultant providing tech services for individuals and small businesses (eastern Montana)


You can see more about me at these links:

Thanks for visiting my digital home! Please reach out if there’s a chance to connect!