A few more thoughts on family photos

For context, see this post and this one.

I have a few more observations about my family photo project. They are below, and I reserve the right to update this list in the future rather than creating a new post on the subject.

  • Use fdupes or something similar to find and remove duplicate photos. I avoided uploading over 9,000 duplicate photos by that. I wish I’d discovered it much sooner.
  • Something I glossed over in my earlier posts: do not throw away photos. I’ve tossed a handful, almost exclusively duplicates, but the default should be to keep the original pictures. It’s one extra layer of redundancy.
  • If you are cropping multiple pictures out of a single scan, you might at some point crop an original scan by accident and lose some of the pictures. To prevent the incredible annoyance – or outright data loss – of an event like this, make sure to have local backups. I’m a believer in the classic 3-2-1 backup system.
  • It is delightful to hear from your loved ones about their excitement at viewing their old photos.
  • You will never be done. 🙂

To me there’s often a cutoff where something goes from being a “project” to just something I occasionally refresh. This venture is at that point. I’m quite happy how it’s turned out.

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